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Refugee containers - the quick solution for more living space

The growing number of refugees seeking protection in our country poses major challenges for cities, communities and municipalities. Housing has been in short supply in many places for years. So the task of finding additional housing for refugees can be a tangible problem. We can help you solve it. And provide you with residential containers at short notice in which asylum seekers and their families can be well and safely accommodated.

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66 Container als Containeranlage mit Sanitärcontainer für Notunterkunft im Main-Kinzig-Kreis - 6
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Alu-Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern als Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Hanau - 1

Combination product no: K1003

Refugee shelter in Hanau

With a total of 1000m², we can build a safe and pleasant accommodation for refugees and provide shelter for people in crisis situations. Our combination package consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities and furniture in the form of bunk beds, tables and chairs.

66 Container als Containeranlage mit Sanitärcontainer für Notunterkunft im Main-Kinzig-Kreis - 1

Combination product no: KP1004

Emergency shelter in the Main-Kinzig district

With a total of 880m², a container facility consisting of room containers and sanitary containers was erected so that refugees can be offered shelter in a crisis situation. Our combined package consists of container solutions including sanitary facilities, as well as an electricity and water supply.


Combination product no: KP1005

Emergency shelter in Büdingen

Our combination package for the emergency shelter in Büdingen consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities in different equipment and partition walls for more privacy. With this package we can help quickly and flexibly!


Combination product no: KP1006

Emergency shelter in Friedberg

Our combined package for the emergency shelter in Friedberg consists of a hall, partition walls for privacy, sanitary facilities, and heating.

Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern und Innenausstattung als Notunterkunft in Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen, Außen - 1

Combination product no: KP1002

Emergency shelter Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen

With our combined offer of a lightweight hall, sanitary facilities and including interior equipment such as beds, tables and chairs, we were able to provide shelter to people without homes.

Professionally planned and implemented: Living containers from MUCH

Our containers are among the most versatile solutions for more space and can also be quickly deployed for use as refugee accommodation. This has been confirmed to us for many years by customers from a wide range of sectors, who attest to our first-class planning services and professional implementation in the shortest possible time.

The secret of our success: We design your refugee container entirely according to your requirements, equip it technically according to your specifications and design the furnishings in a way that is most effective for the planned accommodation. We always keep both in mind - the well-being of the people living in the temporary refugee accommodation and your possibilities and ideas. You simply present your project to us. We recommend the most suitable implementation, plan precisely, explain all equipment options to you and ensure that your residential container for refugees is ready for occupancy at the defined location at the agreed time. If desired, also with ramps for barrier-free access.

Containers instead of classic residential buildings: the advantages are obvious

Let's talk about what the optimal refugee accommodations for your needs look like - we'll develop the right solution for you.

Fast and flexible:

Anyone who has ever planned and realized a classic residential building knows: it takes months and costs a lot of money and a lot of energy. The situation is completely different with a refugee container from MUCH. Because our containers are ready for occupancy at short notice as complete turnkey solutions. The standardized MUCH modular construction system makes this possible and at the same time offers you the chance to plan room layouts and floor plans according to your needs.

Solutions in several levels:

And if you need to create a lot of living space in a small free area? Then we recommend stacking our containers. Statically, this is not a problem, because our model types are designed for this as well as for subsequent extensions. To create high-quality living spaces, we rely on tested quality for all materials and insulate our solid wall structures with mineral wool. For more financial flexibility, by the way, you always have the choice between a purchase and a rental model with us.

From container to residential building: the right equipment makes the difference

What makes a residential container a home?

It is the equipment. Here we offer numerous options and variants. The practical modular design, intelligent partition systems and lockable doors ensure privacy, and mini kitchens give refugees more independence. As a municipality, you will naturally want to equip your refugee accommodations with modern sanitary facilities. We can provide you with these, too, as well as precisely dimensioned heating and air-conditioning technology. Which equipment variants can you choose from in detail? We will be pleased to present you a selection of technical and sanitary equipment options:

  • Heat and sound insulation
  • CEE external socket 16-32: 400V, 32A optional in hermetic box
  • ventilation, exhaust air system
  • heating and air conditioning
  • power and water connections
  • sanitary installations
  • lighting
  • other interior equipment

In use where more space is needed quickly

Robust, weatherproof and versatile in terms of equipment and room layout, MUCH containers cut a fine figure in many areas of application. They not only serve as temporary living quarters for refugees and asylum seekers, but are also used in crisis regions. Here they offer shelter to people who have lost their homes. In addition, our containers perform well wherever cities and municipalities or even companies reach the limits of their capacities. For example, many of our customers use our containers as offices, sanitary facilities, service buildings or canteens or employee areas. What do you need more space for? We will be happy to design the right solution for you.

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Your questions, our answers

Are containers from MUCH windproof?

We construct our containers in such a way that they can generally withstand the weather and wind conditions typical for the country and do not lose stability even during storms. The wind resistance varies from container system to container system and also depends on whether you decide on a stacking solution or not. Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with specific information on the wind resistance of the container solution you have selected.

Are the containers produced only in certain standards and dimensions?

Based on European standards and the needs of our municipal and corporate customers, we have developed numerous style and size standards. This has resulted in a modular system that offers a wide range of design options. All our containers meet the highest quality standards, are designed for a long service life in all wind and weather conditions and are suitable for any application.

What are the warranty conditions of the containers and how long is the warranty period?

You have a warranty on all containers from MUCH. It is always valid provided that our products are used in accordance with the general conditions of use. Detailed information on the conditions of use and warranty periods can be found in the instructions for use enclosed with each container and in your purchase contract. If you have any specific questions about the warranty of a MUCH container in use at your site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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