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Combi products from MUCH

Get the perfect combination package for your requirements with our products. Use our offer as support for your emergency shelters in disaster areas or for your refugee shelters. With the selection of our products and the combination of them, you can create your individual package. From cots to heaters to container solutions, we offer what you need for your situation.

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Alu-Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern als Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Hanau - 1

Combination product no: K1003

Refugee shelter in Hanau

With a total of 1000m², we can build a safe and pleasant accommodation for refugees and provide shelter for people in crisis situations. Our combination package consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities and furniture in the form of bunk beds, tables and chairs.

66 Container als Containeranlage mit Sanitärcontainer für Notunterkunft im Main-Kinzig-Kreis - 1

Combination product no: KP1004

Emergency shelter in the Main-Kinzig district

With a total of 880m², a container facility consisting of room containers and sanitary containers was erected so that refugees can be offered shelter in a crisis situation. Our combined package consists of container solutions including sanitary facilities, as well as an electricity and water supply.


Combination product no: KP1005

Emergency shelter in Büdingen

Our combination package for the emergency shelter in Büdingen consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities in different equipment and partition walls for more privacy. With this package we can help quickly and flexibly!


Combination product no: KP1006

Emergency shelter in Friedberg

Our combined package for the emergency shelter in Friedberg consists of a hall, partition walls for privacy, sanitary facilities, and heating.

Projekt Malteser e.V. von außen

Combination product no: KP1001

Emergency shelter in Altenahr/Kreuzberg for Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.

With containers, office equipment and a mini kitchen, we were able to provide our combination package for Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. to help people during the flood disaster.

Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern und Innenausstattung als Notunterkunft in Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen, Außen - 1

Combination product no: KP1002

Emergency shelter Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen

With our combined offer of a lightweight hall, sanitary facilities and including interior equipment such as beds, tables and chairs, we were able to provide shelter to people without homes.


With us you can get different types of heaters. In stock we have not only oil heaters, but also electricity or gas powered heaters. In addition, you can get the necessary accessories, such as thermostats.

IT infrastructure

Temporary spaces today place the highest demands on IT infrastructure. Within our projects, we create networks of any size to temporarily build powerful, complete structures.

Laundry service

From the provision of washing machines and dryers in large quantities to the finished laundry service with personnel, we can offer you all services within our projects. Of course, this also includes the appropriate space³.

Ground protection systems

Protect your ground with our groundprotect panels. Whether as a driveway, a stable connecting path for pedestrians or a temporary parking area, our Groundprotect plates protect nature.

Catering service

We are happy to offer catering for your accommodation on request. Of course, including equipment and the appropriate premises.

Sanitary facilities

With our WC container facilities or also our shower containers, we can offer you sanitary facilities that meet hygienic standards. Choose from barrier-free facilities, facilities separated by gender or also container facilities with shower and WC facilities.

Air conditioners

Ensure comfortable temperatures in your emergency shelter with our air conditioners.

Light poles

Whether for temporary area lighting on your site, for operating shelters at night, our light poles offer you both the option to run self-sufficiently and to be connected to the existing power grid. Flexible lighting systems even in difficult lighting conditions to ensure the operation of your project.

Construction fence / demarcations / pathways

Professional security, entry and access control & site security. With an extensive product range, we steer small and large groups of people in the right direction. Whether for events, or as fencing for your site.


Personal belongings to accommodate themselves with our lockers no problem. Upon request, we will equip your project with the appropriate number of lockers.

Cots / Bunk beds

A cozy bed belongs in every accommodation. We enable you to sleep comfortably with our bunk beds.

Tables / Chairs

Whether as a desk or as a way to spend time together. Use our tables and chairs in your canteen area or even in the individual accommodation rooms.


Create a shelter in crisis situations or exactly the space you need with our tent solutions - tailored to your needs.

Janitorial service

Our janitorial service provides the solution to everyday challenges in your accommodation, as well as regular maintenance.

Recreation and common areas

With our space solutions, we also offer you recreational and communal areas. Whether you gain these areas through our container solutions or we build you a hall or a tent - at MUCH you get the space you need.

Electricity and water infrastructure

Power generators, distributors and lines in all sizes are available from us on request for your project, of course including installation and maintenance. The same applies to the fresh water supply and the wastewater and service water disposal.

Security service

With our security service you feel safe! To protect the people in your accommodation we offer you our security service.

Container solutions

Experience our wide range of containers. Do you need an office container for your administration or rather a container as accommodation? We will find the solution you need.

Heating oil tanks

Especially in combination with our heating systems in different power ratings, we provide you with heating oil tanks protected from external influences and, if required, the tank service to go with it.

Thermal halls

Our lightweight halls, which you can get in different sizes, will protect your shelter residents from wind and weather.

Privacy screen / partition walls

Get enough privacy with our partitions.


Whether it's a construction site or a large event, never worry about having enough power, come to us. Our generators have built-in power outlets, fuel tanks, forklift pockets and mounting hooks for moving by crane. All current noise regulations are of course complied with.

Mattresses & Bedding

Mattresses & BeddingIn addition to our beds, you can of course get the accessories from us. With our mattresses you complete your accommodation.