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Material container for quick benefit extension

A material container is also known as a quick use container or storage container and serves both as a warehouse and for storing tools. But there is a difference between a room container, which can be used as a storage room of office articles or as an archive, and a storage container, in which tools, tires or bicycles can be stored. The advantage of our material containers lies in their fast transportation and in the fact that required items can be safely stored both long-term and project-related. At MUCH we offer you containers in different formats and with individual equipment at a fair price, whether you want to rent or buy the container. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Materialcontainer: Schnellbaucontainer oder Lagercontainer
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26 Container als Raumcontainer, Baustellencontainer und Sanitärcontainer für die Firma Michel Bau GmbH & Co. KG - 1


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Construction industry

Construction site container for the company Michel Bau GmbH & Co. KG









What is a material container?

We distinguish into room container and storage container, a material container differs from storage container in that you get a room container with insulation as a room solution. Unlike a storage container, which is provided uninsulated and without power supply. For example, your stored documents are protected from cold and wetness in the form of dripping water. However, if you want to store large or heavy equipment, we recommend a storage container. With a double door, you have the possibility to store even large equipment, heavy materials or bicycles. With a room container, on the other hand, it is possible to install windows, for example, as a pass-through.   

Delivery and assembly take only a few days for both variants, and in the case of a container for rent, disassembly is also accomplished in no time at all. In this way, the solutions are exactly adapted to the situation that challenges you. We offer you the perfect storage for your materials and that for a temporary or even permanent use. At MUCH we pay attention to environmentally friendly production.   

Material containers for sale can be tailored to the wishes of our customers both in terms of equipment and color scheme. The selection is made from the RAL color palette and the painting is done by powder coating for perfect paint adhesion. Of course, our containers can be stacked in heights of up to three units and can also be combined with each other in different sizes. For example, they can build an entire archive. Our storage containers, on the other hand, can be stacked up to a weight of ten tons, and the lifting payload is six and a half tons, depending on the container size and type.

Do you already have clear ideas about your specific project?

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What are the advantages of a MUCH material container?

MUCH material containers offer several advantages both as storage space and when used for tools. We offer pure flexibility due to the quick mounting and dismounting. Furthermore, we offer both rental and purchase options, and our equipment is tailored to your needs.


Our room and storage containers are weatherproof and, depending on the type of container, also insulated.


The containers of MUCH can be built up also double-storied and can be built arbitrarily as a plant. We also offer different container sizes.


Containers can be adapted to your individual specifications in terms of both equipment and color scheme. This also includes interior fittings such as furniture, lockers and shelves on request.


Delivery, assembly, disassembly and removal are all carried out within a few days.

How can material containers be equipped?

Regardless of whether material containers are used to store documents or tools, certain options are available to you in terms of equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any special requests. The options are extensive and your satisfaction is at the heart of our work, which is why we will work together to create a custom space solution for you.

Container mit Innenausstattung

Interior design & furnishing

The interior equipment and furnishing offers, among other things, the choice between a wooden or steel floor and shelving systems. Furthermore, all quick-build containers can be delivered including electrical installations and lighting and are also available with windows on request.

Container mit Beleuchtung & Spiegeln

Sanitary options

If you want a storage container and additional sanitary facilities, we recommend our toilet or shower containers, which we offer in various designs. Thus, we can offer alternatives separated by gender, but also barrier-free. If you are interested in an insulated room container, it is possible to install a WC or also a shower.

Material container: Purchase and rental options

Buying a material container

Buying a container for material is the safe choice and ensures that the flexible option of storage is included in the inventory of a company or in your private property. On the one hand, this has the advantage of better planning and versatile, long-term use. On the other hand, buying always ties up liquidity, which is not the case with renting. From a tax point of view, there are rather advantages in renting, which is why container renting is usually chosen by corporate customers. Only in the private sector, inquirers tend to opt for the purchase of a material container. 

Container kaufen
Container mieten

Advantages of renting a material container

If you are an entrepreneur or a private customer who wants to rent a container, you are in the best hands with MUCH. We have a high level of experience in this area and also offer a wide range of products. We are happy to accommodate your wishes and, of course, a rental container can also be adapted to individual specifications. As far as the rental period is concerned, we are guided by you. For tax deductibility, the rental of a material container is generally advantageous, although we ultimately leave the assessment to your tax advisor.

Where can a material container be used?

The areas of application for our MUCH containers are unlimited. Whenever it is a matter of the protected storage of objects, we are happy to be at your disposal as a partner and to take over the fast delivery as well as the assembly. You can use your storage space for the following projects, for example:

  • Extension of a building site   

  • Storage space for tires   

  • Provision of tools   

  • Archiving of files 

  • Conversion to a sanitary container   

  • use as private basement room   

  • temporary storage space   

  • and much more

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Frequently asked questions about material containers

Can the material containers of different sizes be combined?

Our containers are delivered as room containers in various sizes and can be stacked as well as combined with each other. Modern storage containers are also available stackable and in various sizes. 

How long can I rent a material container?

The rental period for containers depends entirely on your ideas and is possible both by the day and over years.

Do I have to insure a material container?

There is no obligation to insure containers. However, our tip is to take out a policy against natural hazards. We will help you to make the right choice and offer some options ourselves.

How heavy are the individual containers?

The empty weight of our containers depends on the size. The maximum is about two tons for the 20-foot format of our storage containers. Devices for crane or forklift pockets benefit easy handling.

What are the standard sizes for material containers?

We offer our containers in 20-, 10-, 9-, 8- or 6-foot formats and also as a so-called mover box. The maximum external dimensions are 6,508 x 2,438 millimeters, while the smallest external dimensions are 1,980 x 1,950 millimeters and 2,200 x 1,600 millimeters.

Does a material container need a foundation?

In most areas of application, a storage container can be set up without a foundation. However, we recommend checking the subsoil in advance and also taking into account the weight of the load. We will be happy to advise you.