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Building refugee accommodation - quickly and easily with MUCH

Rising refugee numbers pose major challenges for municipalities in Germany. Even though we are not yet at the level of the refugee crisis of 2015: There is an increasing lack of shelters and housing for accommodation. The optimal approach: innovative lightweight halls and container solutions from MUCH. We support cities and municipalities in creating suitable living space easily and quickly. Because thanks to modular construction, a high degree of prefabrication and fast, flexible planning and assembly, our refugee accommodation is ready for occupancy within a very short time.

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Alu-Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern als Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Hanau - 1

Combination product no: K1003

Refugee shelter in Hanau

With a total of 1000m², we can build a safe and pleasant accommodation for refugees and provide shelter for people in crisis situations. Our combination package consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities and furniture in the form of bunk beds, tables and chairs.

66 Container als Containeranlage mit Sanitärcontainer für Notunterkunft im Main-Kinzig-Kreis - 1

Combination product no: KP1004

Emergency shelter in the Main-Kinzig district

With a total of 880m², a container facility consisting of room containers and sanitary containers was erected so that refugees can be offered shelter in a crisis situation. Our combined package consists of container solutions including sanitary facilities, as well as an electricity and water supply.


Combination product no: KP1005

Emergency shelter in Büdingen

Our combination package for the emergency shelter in Büdingen consists of a thermal hall, oil heating, sanitary facilities in different equipment and partition walls for more privacy. With this package we can help quickly and flexibly!


Combination product no: KP1006

Emergency shelter in Friedberg

Our combined package for the emergency shelter in Friedberg consists of a hall, partition walls for privacy, sanitary facilities, and heating.

Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern und Innenausstattung als Notunterkunft in Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen, Außen - 1

Combination product no: KP1002

Emergency shelter Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen

With our combined offer of a lightweight hall, sanitary facilities and including interior equipment such as beds, tables and chairs, we were able to provide shelter to people without homes.

Professional planning and implementation

Together with you, we plan your refugee accommodation in detail: guarantee solid statics and ensure that the accommodation not only optimally meets all safety standards, but also your individual requirements in terms of size and technical equipment. In addition, we support you in choosing the furnishings so that the residents can live well together in their temporary home.

During the entire course of the project, we keep an eye on all deadlines and schedules for you, ensure smooth processes and provide the first-class MUCH service that has delighted our customers for many years. See for yourself: Plan and realize the refugee accommodation in your municipality with us.

Our strengths,
your advantages

You would like to build a refugee shelter within a short time at a fair price-performance ratio that optimally fits the requirements on site? Then opt for our lightweight hall or container solutions and benefit from these advantages:

  • short construction time thanks to a high degree of prefabrication
  • fast and flexible planning and assembly
  • Pre-design of floor plans ensures freedom of design
  • Standard floor plans can be duplicated as required
  • You determine the modules, we deliver ready for assembly and build on site
  • add floors flexibly at any time - no problem
  • all modules can be used flexibly

Numerous equipment options: You have the choice

We will gladly equip your refugee accommodation completely with sanitary and hygiene facilities as well as the necessary furniture. You can choose individually from a large number of options, for example:

  • Bunk beds and mattresses
  • Lockers
  • Tables and chairs
  • Partition walls
  • Hygiene equipment
  • Work tables
  • Ramps for barrier-free entrance to the premises hall
  • Sanitary facilities
  • and much more

More than halls: modern modular housing units

Intelligently designed

Our lightweight halls and container modules are designed for use as temporary refugee homes, for example, so that they offer people safe shelter in all weathers. High-performance insulation and custom-fit heating and air-conditioning concepts, high-quality sanitary facilities and functional equipment enable people to live well and safely here.

Versatile applicable

Whether you are planning large refugee accommodations with spacious living (multi-bed) rooms and dormitories or smaller and interchangeable housing units with different room sizes and structural features, we are your reliable partner. And we take into account local and environmental requirements as well as existing technical facilities during planning and implementation.

Wide range of applications: creating space at short notice

Providing temporary dormitories for refugees or communal housing for people who have lost their homes and farms in a natural disaster - whenever space needs to be created quickly, we are your professional partner. Instead of wood construction, we rely on insulated lightweight halls and containers - with great success. Our smart solutions are in use in cities, towns and locations all over the world, where they are used in a variety of ways. Among others as:

  • Refugee shelters as housing for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Shelter for those affected by natural disasters
  • Temporary solution for schools and other educational institutions
  • Office space
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Service buildings
  • Canteens or common rooms for the staff

What do you need space for in the short term? We will be glad to realize the individually suitable solution for you. Convince yourself!

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Your questions, our answers

According to which system are asylum seekers distributed in Germany?

In Germany, the distribution of asylum seekers to the individual federal states is based on a fixed key, which is laid down in the Asylum Act. The so-called Königstein Key defines admission quotas for all federal states depending on tax revenue and population size. In this way, an appropriate and fair distribution among the federal states is to be ensured. The responsible authority is the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

How long do refugees remain in a reception facility?

The Asylum Act stipulates that protection seekers must live in the initial reception center for the duration of the asylum procedure, up to a maximum of 18 months. An exception is made for underage children and their parents or guardians as well as their adult unmarried siblings. They are only required to live in the assigned facility for a maximum of six months.

How are the protection seekers housed after they leave the initial reception center?

In the territorial states, the refugees are distributed to the urban and rural districts after their time in the initial reception center, depending on the size of the population. There, the people are then accommodated in shared accommodation or apartments, depending on the housing situation. Since the federal states are responsible for housing refugees in Germany, there are no uniform nationwide regulations and standards for accommodation and housing.

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