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Rent excavator mattresses? The best place is MUCH!

Whether in roadway, pipeline or overhead line construction - wherever heavy equipment is used and the subsoil is not designed for it, reinforcement is needed for the ground. This is exactly what our excavator mattresses do, preventing expensive machines, trucks and cranes from sinking or tipping over. At the same time, they protect the ground from lasting damage.

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Hardwood dredge mats, wear out quickly

Some people speak of excavator mats, others of excavator mattresses. What is meant are mostly driving plates made of hardwood, which are used in construction projects as mobile driving or standing surfaces. They are made of various types of wood, for example, South American bongossi. The hardwood excavator mattresses are used on construction sites to set up temporary driving lanes or to create safe standing areas for heavy equipment, such as a crane. We offer the long-term alternative, wear-resistant driving plates made of recycled plastic. Because with the help of MUCH's ground protection systems, loads can be evenly distributed, effectively protecting trucks and construction machinery from sinking into the ground or tipping over.

Benefit from these advantages

There are many good reasons for using plastic dredge mats on your construction sites. We have summarized some of the most important ones for you here:


Stability and flexibility

Stable and flexible at the same time - what sounds like a contradiction at first glance is one of the special strengths of excavator mats: Depending on the design, they can carry weights of over 200 tons and at the same time be used quite flexibly for different construction projects. Our customers simply inform us when and where they need which driving or standing areas. We take care of everything quickly and without complications, including the laying.

Attractive price and reusability

Our customers appreciate our approach to renting excavator mats. After all, they don't need the mats at every construction site. For occasional use, renting is simply the financially attractive option. From a sustainability point of view, excavator mats convince with a favorable CO2 balance and a long durability that allows the mats to be reused several times.

Safety and resilience

Our excavator mats are made of recycled plastic and are therefore even more flexible to use than, for example, excavator mats made of bongossi. In addition, our excavator mats impress with their non-slip properties and their resistance to moisture and other weathering influences. This makes them the ideal starting material for solid surfaces on which excavators, trucks and the like can travel safely.


The construction in galvanized sheet steel defies wind and weather.

Here are excavator mattresses in use

Excavator mats are used on construction sites - mostly as driving or standing surfaces and whenever construction vehicles and machines with high axle loads are needed. This means, among other things, as paths for excavators or as a support surface for heavy equipment, for example, in the

  • Road and waterway construction
  • Civil engineering and pipeline construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Overhead line construction
  • and much more

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Your questions, our answers

In what sizes are dredge mattresses?

We are also happy to offer you dredge mats in other sizes and thicknesses beyond these standard dimensions. Which thickness is the most suitable for you depends on your requirements. Central questions here are: How high is the load, i.e.: what is the axle load of the machines that are to be used on the mats? And: What is the nature of the surface: firm or soft, even or uneven? Let us talk about your specific project. We will be happy to recommend dredging mats in a suitable design. As a general rule, the stronger the mat, the more load-bearing it is.

How to lay dredge mattresses?

Our excavator mats can be laid by crane truck. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our fitters are on site for you and ensure that the individual dredge mats are securely bolted and fastened with bolts. You can connect as many dredge mats as you like. Just contact us and tell us about your specific construction project. We will be happy to calculate for you how many dredge mats you need. The installation by our fitters is an integral part of our individual offer to you.

Can I also buy dredge mattresses?

Of course, it is possible to purchase dredging mats. However, our experience and that of our customers is that this rarely pays off. Buying instead of renting is only profitable if you need and use the excavator mats regularly - and always have the same requirements for load-bearing capacity. Please also take into account that you need storage space for your own excavator mats and suitable trucks for transport. We are happy to offer you our excavator mats for rent. Just contact us: we will provide you with a concrete offer at short notice.

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