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Construction containers for various applications

Construction containers or site containers are one of the central elements of a construction site facility. At MUCH we offer a wide range of products and we will help you find the right container for you. The construction container can be adapted in different ways. It all depends on your requirements and the project.

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Baustellen- und Baucontainer für jeden Einsatz
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Construction containers-Filter results:3 Results

26 Container als Raumcontainer, Baustellencontainer und Sanitärcontainer für die Firma Michel Bau GmbH & Co. KG - 1


Plan Project ID: C1005

Construction industry

Construction site container for the company Michel Bau GmbH & Co. KG









Baucontainer und Lagercontainer im Kölner Hafen für Firma Viking Technical GmbH von Außen - 1


Plan Project ID: C1009


Container solution in the port of Cologne for the company Viking Technical GmbH









Bürocontainer als Planungsbüro und Lagercontainer für die Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main - 1


Plan Project ID: C1007


Two twin units for Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH









What is a construction container?

A construction container is intended to support you on your construction site. It can be a room container that is equipped with a toilet, hand basin and shower for the construction site manager. To store your tools or materials, we offer you a storage container that is stable and weatherproof. With our sanitary containers, you can offer your employees on the construction site a comfortable alternative in the area of sanitary facilities. Construction containers as changing rooms for your fitters and employees round off our range of container space solutions. As you can see, a construction site container is versatile and adaptable. We will help you find the right container for your construction site.  To ensure that your construction project runs smoothly, we offer you individual packages with several containers to suit your requirements. You also have the choice between renting and buying a construction container. The quick assembly by crane or forklift truck allows the delivery to almost any desired location in Germany, which of course also applies to the removal. The design follows the client's specifications, which includes a wide choice of RAL colours.

Do you already have clear ideas about your specific project?

Describe your requirements to us.
We will make you an offer.

What are the advantages of a MUCH container?

MUCH construction containers are simply unbeatable when it comes to temporary or even permanent storage of materials or a comfortable stay for your fitters and construction site employees. With our competent assembly team, the construction containers are quickly and reliably erected and you lose no time. Our range of construction containers is versatile and can be customised. We adapt to your needs and individualise your interior. Our construction containers come in different sizes and depending on the container you need, we can also configure an entire facility for you.


Our offer ranges from storage facilities to sanitary facilities to lounges for your employees and can be individually designed. At the same time, we can guarantee flexible assembly and dismantling thanks to our assembly team and fast delivery.


There are considerable price advantages, particularly when renting, especially in comparison with a building project. 


Our range is versatile and the equipment is variable.


Thanks to robust sheet steel and galvanised locking bars, the construction containers are stable all round.

How can construction containers be equipped?

Containers offer a wide range of possible applications. As a result, the types of equipment can be selected individually. We will be happy to advise you on your options. The following applies to our storage containers: Up to ten tonnes can be stored and the lifting payload is up to six and a half tonnes, depending on the container type and size. And we will be happy to provide you with suitable furniture for our room containers and sanitary containers.

Container mit Innenausstattung & Möblierung

Interior equipment & furnishings

The interior fittings also depend on your container requirements. You can choose between steel and wooden floors, vary the number of windows and, depending on your usage requirements, we offer the option of integrating electricity and lighting. We offer suitable furniture such as tables, chairs or even lockers for your interior.

Container mit Sanitärausstattung

Sanitary design

Construction containers can also be equipped with sanitary facilities. For example, we can provide you with a site manager container including toilet, wash hand basin and shower. For general sanitary facilities, we offer separate and barrier-free options and solutions for men and women.

Construction containers: Purchase and rental options

Buying a construction site container

If you want to buy a construction site container, you are on the safe side with MUCH. We offer you the container you want at good conditions. If you are looking for a permanent solution, buying the container is always a good option. It should be noted, however, that a purchase ensures that a container is integrated into the business assets and requires a higher level of liquidity. In a direct comparison, therefore, and due to the temporary use on construction sites, our customers usually opt for renting a construction container. We will be happy to provide you with suitable offers for each option and listen to you in order to understand your individual wishes.

Container kaufen
Container mieten

Advantages of renting a construction container

A construction site is usually temporary. If you are looking for a temporary solution because of this, renting our construction containers is always an advantage. The delivery takes only a few days and our competent team assembles the containers quickly and flexibly. We offer construction containers as storage containers, but also as recreation rooms for the construction workers or as a mobile planning office. Of course, there are also possibilities for expanding existing rooms. It is also possible to relocate storage areas to our containers in the event of an upcoming extension or conversion. The possibilities are manifold and the longer the lease lasts, the more attractive the conditions become. Good to know: In many cases, the rent is tax-deductible. 

Where can a construction site container be used?

A construction site container can be used almost indefinitely and is always in demand when it comes to storing objects and tools or you need suitable recreation and office space for your construction site. The fact that the equipment as well as the colouring can be individually selected also makes it suitable for long-term solutions in companies or even for use in the self-storage sector. You can use your container for the following purposes, for example:

  • Changing facilities for your workers 

  • Container for planning and conferences 

  • Construction manager container 

  • Storage of materials 

  • File archive  

  • Containers for workers to stay 

  • Sales rooms 

  • Administration building 

  • Accommodation 

  • Office 

  • self storage 

  • and much more. 

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Frequently asked questions about construction containers

Is it possible to deduct a construction container from tax?

If the use is of a commercial nature, construction containers can be claimed against tax. The tax advisor knows how this works in individual cases. 

Do I have to insure a construction container?

In principle, insurance is not mandatory for a construction container. However, it is advisable to at least cover natural hazards with a policy.

Can I heat and/or air-condition a construction container?

Construction containers can be heated as well as air-conditioned. In this way, constant temperatures are also achievable and your container offers greater comfort should you use it as a place to stay. 

How long can I rent a construction site container?

The rental period for a construction site container is open upwards and therefore de facto unlimited.