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Shipping container bathrooms for major and common events

Our shipping container bathrooms are distinguished by flexibility and comfort. Whether on construction sites, trade fairs or events - the cabins are convincing all along the line and increase hygiene for your visitors, customers or even for your employees. Versions with sheet steel in the interior as well as with cladding in robust plastic are possible. Furthermore, it is possible to separate between the sexes and barrier-free toilets for people with disabilities are also possible. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Container facility as office complex for Diez public utility company









What is a shipping container bathroom?

As the name suggests, a shipping container bathroom acts, among other things, as a mobile toilet and is always suitable when no appropriate facilities are available. With us you will get a fast and safe transport for your container and with our installation team it will be quickly set up at your place. Our shipping container bathrooms offer you the choice between WC container as ladies or men's WC or also as unisex toilet. In addition, we offer barrier-free WC containers according to DIN 18040-1 and we also have shower containers in our program. Our shipping container bathrooms as restroom containers or shower containers are supplied with fresh water and do completely without environmentally harmful chemicals. The equipment is already fully available upon delivery, so that on-site assembly is not necessary. In other words, the shipping container bathrooms are ready for immediate use and can be used permanently if desired.   

Thanks to the simple but efficient construction of the cabins we can offer you different versions and regarding extensions or dismantling we are as flexible as you need us to be. Send us your inquiry and we will find the right container for your requirements.

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What are the advantages of a MUCH shipping container bathroom?

A shipping container bathroom from MUCH is the first choice when it comes to accommodation, setting up a construction site or supplying an event with portable toilets. Among the key advantages is the combination of flexibility and convenience. The shipping container bathrooms can be set up quickly, as you receive them already assembled. All we need is a water connection. But there are also other possibilities of supply. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally.   

The construction is made of steel and also the interior is made of steel plate. In addition, there is a high-quality insulation. Regarding the equipment, we are guided by your requirements.


Construction in steel and sheet steel for long durability and first-class insulation.


Maximum hygiene thanks to easy-to-clean surfaces and fresh water.


The equipment can be determined to a large extent by yourself and adapted to your purposes.


Delivery and installation are carried out directly on site without additional assembly.

How can shipping container bathrooms be equipped?

The comfort provided by MUCH shipping container bathrooms, the equipment and furnishings offered by us can be equivalent to the standard of a permanent building and offer the advantage of flexibility. Lighting is provided along with a motion detector and elements such as mirrors can be integrated from shatterproof metal. The equipment also includes a non-slip floor covering throughout. The equipment of the container depends here also on the execution of a ladies, men or barrier-free sanitary facility selected by you. For companies, the possibility of individualization with, for example, branding is also suitable.

Interior equipment

The interior equipment of MUCH shipping container bathrooms is versatile. Both the washbasins, shower, urinals, as well as fittings and mirrors can be individualized, which also applies to the floor and wall cladding. Energy-saving designs are also possible in various areas.


As far as furnishing is concerned, MUCH shipping container bathrooms score with appropriate lighting, break-proof mirrors and first-class sanitary facilities. Flushing is done with fresh water, which is also used for hand washing, and of course showers can also be integrated.

Shipping container bathroom: Purchase and rental options

Buying a shipping container bathroom

Shipping container bathrooms are suitable for companies, municipalities or event organizers who need a sanitary facility. We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements. Here you should ask yourself whether you would like to rent or buy shipping container bathrooms. For a permanent solution a purchase is advisable, but if you need the containers only for a limited period of time, we also offer you the option of renting. Especially at events or trade fairs, the toilet facilities in the form of the shipping container bathroom are usually only needed for a few days. A purchase becomes relevant only if a perpetual use as a permanent facility is intended. From a purely technical point of view and in terms of comfort, this is certainly feasible.

Advantages of renting a shipping container bathroom

Renting a bathroom container is particularly lucrative and practical. The reason lies in the favorable conditions and the comprehensive service, which includes both delivery and removal. Regarding the equipment and comfort, there are extensive possibilities of co-determination, so that customized products can also be delivered in the rental. The selection of shipping container bathrooms at MUCH is enormous and availability is guaranteed at all times. The rental can be deducted from taxes and is considered a business expense.    

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Where can a shipping container bathroom be used?

At first glance, the possible uses of a shipping container bathroom seem limited. However, due to its mobility and flexibility, the areas of application are manifold and by no means limited to the surroundings of buildings. Possible is among other things the use ...

  • in the municipal sector    

  • at trade fairs   

  • in companies, for example as a supplement to your shipping container office as an interim solution   

  • at sports events

  • at open-air concerts   

  • in the area of mobile living spaces   

  • in schools or kindergartens   

  • and much more.

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Frequently asked questions about shipping container bathrooms

Is it possible to deduct a shipping container bathroom from taxes?

A shipping container bathroom can be deducted from taxes without any problems, as it is a business expense. If you have any questions, please contact your tax advisor or our experts in the service team.

Can the shipping container bathrooms be combined in different sizes?

The combination of different sizes as well as between cabins for women, men and people with disabilities or separate showers and WC is also feasible.

Do I have to insure a shipping container bathroom?

In principle, it is also possible to insure a container, but we especially recommend protection against damage caused by natural forces.

How long can I rent a shipping container bathroom?

Regarding the rental period, you are completely flexible. Contact us to discuss the possibility of renting our containers.

Can I heat and/or air-condition a shipping container bathroom?

Heating or air conditioning can be easily integrated for shipping container bathrooms and is done in different ways. In addition, good insulation is already taken into account during the construction.