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Groundprotect S floor protection plates

Whenever you want to make unpaved subsoils passable or walkable on a temporary or permanent basis, the question arises as to the ideal solution: easy to implement and at the same time environmentally friendly. Our Groundprotect S floor protection panels do just that. And are convincing, for example, if you want to use areas temporarily as parking and storage areas or make impassable terrain accessible, but also in the context of events.

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600qm Bodenschutzplatten Groundprotect S als Boden in einer Lagerhalle - 2
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600qm Bodenschutzplatten Groundprotect S als Boden in einer Lagerhalle - 1

Floor protection

Plan Project ID: B1001

Groundprotect S as a floor in a warehouse


2.4 m


1.2 m

Profile thickness

20 mm


Recyceltes HDPE


2.89 m2


2.4 m


1.2 m

Profile thickness

20 mm


Recyceltes HDPE


2.89 m2

What are Groundprotect S floor protection plates?

The Groundprotect in size S is a floor protection plate with which you can quickly and easily create level surfaces. You can then use these, for example, as driveways, as a stable and hard-wearing surface for warehouses or parking lots, or as a walkway system. The floor mats also cut a good figure when used indoors and are used, for example, in warehouses. The plastic floor protection plates are weather-resistant and can be adapted optically according to your wishes. Whether on sand, gravel, hard floor, lawn or even earth - our plates can be laid on many surfaces and always adapt optimally. The load capacity is up to 80 tons.

If you decide to use the floor protection panel system, we will take care of the complete installation for you. Our fitters lay the slabs on site, connect them to each other and thus create a safe and stable subfloor in no time at all. This is not only faster than asphalting or graveling the surfaces, but also protects the environment. Because you can easily reuse each individual floor protection panel later and put it to use elsewhere. There is no hazardous waste whatsoever. In addition, our systems for ground protection plates are made of recycled materials and are CO2-neutral due to their reuse.  

Technical data:



2410 x 1200 mm


20 mm, Kern: 12 mm

Usable space

2,89 m2


36 kg


recycelt HDPE

Load capacity

80 Tonns (depending on the substrate)

Behavior in fire



black (standard) other optional


Saddle 12.7 m = 650 plates


2-way and 4-way connections


100% recyclable

A ground protection plate with many advantages

You have a project and would like to fix ground for it temporarily or permanently? Then use our floor protection plates and benefit from these advantages:


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The Groundprotect S plastic ground protection plate is an environmentally friendly alternative to sealing the ground with asphalt or gravel. It is made of recycled material, no hazardous waste is generated during installation and it is not only recyclable but also reusable. Use our solution and protect your soil and nature.

Quick and simple

You tell us when and for which area you need plastic panels. We will make you an exact offer, come with our fitters to the agreed date and work conscientiously and quickly. And when you no longer need the panels? Our fitters will be back on the job for you to dismantle everything.

Flexible and adjustable

Groundprotect S can be combined, extended and individually adapted as required. In addition, they can be used flexibly - for example, as a parking lot, footpath, driving slab, temporary driving road or as a floor for your hall. Lay the slabs on sand, existing gravel or even soft subsoil.

Rent or buy

Especially when it comes to temporary applications, we offer you to rent our plastic floor protection panels - gladly also for longer periods. This is often financially attractive and protects your CO2 balance. In some cases, a purchase may be worthwhile, and there are also various customization options. Let us talk about your soil protection project. We will be happy to advise you individually.

Stable and resilient

A floor protection panel from MUCH can withstand bending, extremely low temperatures or even pressure loads without any problems. In a nutshell: Our panels impress in practical use with their resilience and stability. They are unbreakable at temperatures down to -40°C and when bent, and can support up to 80 tons depending on the substrate.

If you decide to purchase our Grounprotect plates in size S, you have the possibility to make individualizations. This also applies to the appearance of your plastic plates. For example, we can integrate your company logo. Just tell us your wishes. We will gladly make it possible for you.

Numerous applications indoors and outdoors

Whether as driving plates, access roads, temporary parking or floor in tent or hall - our floor protection plates made of plastic convince in many fields of application. They are used particularly frequently in these areas:

  • Construction projects of all kinds: civil engineering, road construction, overhead line construction, solar and wind farm.
  • Drilling: Quarry and gravel pits, oil and gas fields, mines.
  • Temporary areas: Helipad, crane parking areas, parking lots.
  • Temporary roads: Construction roads, access roads for forestry work.
  • Disaster relief: temporary roads, parking areas for containers and supplies, camp areas
  • Events: temporary access roads to tent or sanitary containers

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Frequently asked questions about floor protection plate S

How many floor protection plates can be mounted together?

As many as you like. No matter what surface you want to cover with our plastic floor protection panels, there are no limits.

How safe are plastic ground protection plates?

Our size S floor protection plates are stable and extremely robust. They are unbreakable at extreme minus temperatures (up to - 40 degrees) and do not break even when bent. Therefore, they are also well suited, for example, as driving plates for heavy equipment.

Are the plastic floor panels easy to transport and clean?

The Groundprotect S is our smallest plastic floor protection panel. With a width of 1.2 m, a length of 2.41 m, a height of 20 mm and a weight of 36 kg, it is one of the "handy" ground protection plates in our range. It is easy and uncomplicated to transport. In addition, it is durable and easy to clean.

How much weight can the floor protection plates support?

Our size S floor protection panels have a load capacity of 80 tons, depending on the substrate. Let us talk about your specific project. We will be happy to answer the question about the load-bearing capacity exactly for your case.

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