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Storage container rentals from MUCH

Our rental storage containers are a perfect solution for storing various items and materials. Moreover, the containers facilitate quick transportation and can be rented as well as purchased. At MUCH, you can get your temporary storage space in customizable designs.

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Plan Project ID: C1007


Two twin units for Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH









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Plan Project ID: C1006


Container facility as office complex for Diez public utility company









What is a storage container?

A storage container carries its primary purpose already in its name. They are weather resistant and provide protection for the storage of materials. This makes sense for private use, but also for construction sites. Depending on the storage, a weight of up to ten tons per container is possible and a lifting payload of up to six and a half tons is available for transport.    

We at MUCH will be happy to provide you with information on the wide range of applications for our products. Characteristic is their first-class workmanship and the enormous longevity. At the same time, we pay attention to environmentally friendly production. The locking bars on our storage containers are galvanized and steel or wood is used as the base. 

Do you already have clear ideas about your specific project?

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What are the advantages of a MUCH container?

Our container space systems are characterized by high quality. We also try to make sure that our containers are designed according to your ideas in terms of equipment and painting. The double doors of our storage containers allow you to store heavy equipment and large items without any problems. For your tools, as a company, for your construction site and also for private use: we provide the right container for you. If you wish, the assembly can be done directly on site by our competent assembly team. In case of a rental, the removal is also realized in a very short time.


MUCH containers are characterized by a high utility value and already show their flexible qualities in many different areas.

High quality

The quality is reflected in the all-round processing of high-quality sheet steel.


Our containers are quickly assembled and disassembled. With our containers you get a storage space for your tools, bicycles or even your tires - whatever you want to store. 


Especially in the long-term rental there are attractive price advantages for your storage space.

How can the containers be equipped?

At first sight, the aspect of equipment seems to be secondary for a storage container. However, it is always the case that air conditioning or even the design of the floor and many other features in the area of space solution are also important. In addition, we offer various RAL colors for an appearance in your corporate design. For this reason there are many types of storage containers.

Interior equipment & furnishing

The interior equipment and furnishing is done with different materials and on request including electrics as well as shelving systems. Talk to us about your individual wishes.

Sanitary equipment

On request, we can also supply you with sanitary facilities for your storage container. Here, too, there are several options to choose from and, in addition, ladies', men's rooms' or toilets or sanitary rooms in barrier-free design can be ordered.

Storage container: Purchase and rental options

Buying a storage container

Buy containers: No problem at MUCH and possible at a fair price. The purchase is especially suitable if high liquidity is available and at the same time a permanent use is intended. If you want a private, permanent storage space, we recommend buying.    

Contact us for more information. Choose what equipment you need and configure an all-round tailor-made product in the color of your choice. In addition, private customers are also among the buyers, for example, if a too full basement is to be expanded with additional storage space.

However, we would like to point out that rental and even long-term rental can pay off for you. It all depends on the use you plan to put the container to. If you need the container for storage of materials on your construction sites, we recommend renting the container.

Storage container rental advantages

Storage container rent is the most suitable choice especially for companies or even municipalities. The advantage is the higher flexibility and therefore the precise planning of the use. The rent always includes the transport and, if desired, the assembly as well as the removal as soon as the container is no longer needed. Furthermore, we would like to point out that the rental costs can usually be deducted from taxes, which is an additional advantage. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.  

Where can a container be used?

In terms of its possible applications, a storage container is a true marvel with abundant variants of designs and possible combinations. Among other things, storage containers are used as ...

  • Storage space for logistics and industry   

  • Self-storage   

  • File archive   

  • Private cellar

  • Extension of existing storage areas and storage rooms   

  • Tool storage e.g. on a construction site   

  • Tire storage  

  • and much more  

More space3 for you. Feel free to contact us:

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Frequently asked questions about storage containers

Can the storage containers of different sizes be combined?

Storage containers can be combined with each other as desired. This is true even if different sizes are chosen.

How long can I rent a storage container?

The rental period for storage containers, material containers, fast construction containers or office containers varies individually and is not limited.

Do I need to insure a storage container?

It is possible and recommended to insure a storage container against natural hazards as well as against loss of the contents, but it is not obligatory. 

What is the weight of each container?

The empty weight of a storage container is around two tons for the 20-foot format or correspondingly less for smaller units. 

What are the standard sizes for storage containers?

Storage containers are supplied by MUCH in sizes of 20, 10, 9, 8 or 6 feet, and are optionally offered as Mover Boxes. Maximum outside dimensions are 6,508 x 2,438 millimeters, and minimum dimensions are 1,980 x 1,950 millimeters and 2,200 x 1,600 millimeters, respectively.  

Does a storage container need a foundation?

Usually, a storage container does not need a foundation. However, this can change when working with high loads and/or a particularly soft ground. We will be happy to advise you.