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The special solutions from MUCH

Especially in crisis situations it is important to prove flexibility. To meet the challenges in different situations, we have developed different solutions: From turnkey refugee shelters, to interim canteens, to vaccination and testing centers. With our special solutions, we can offer protection to people who have lost their homes or make everyday life easier in exceptional situations such as a pandemic. Together we can master any crisis situation and support you with our repertoire of halls, containers and tents.

Refugee Tents

The number of refugees coming to Germany is currently on the rise again. Many municipalities are therefore asking themselves: How can we accommodate those seeking protection in the short term? Refugee tents from MUCH are a simple, fast and flexible solution. Because our high-quality tents are ready for use on site at short notice.

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Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern und Innenausstattung als Notunterkunft in Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Gelnhausen, Außen - 1
Alu-Leichtbauhalle mit Sanitärcontainern als Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Hanau - 1

Refugee Shelters

Rising refugee numbers pose major challenges for municipalities in Germany. Even though we are not yet at the level of the refugee crisis of 2015: There is an increasing lack of shelters and housing for accommodation. The optimal approach: innovative lightweight halls and container solutions from MUCH. We support cities and municipalities in creating suitable living space easily and quickly. Because thanks to modular construction, a high degree of prefabrication, and fast and flexible planning and assembly, our refugee shelters are ready for occupancy within a very short time.

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Refugee Containers

The growing number of refugees seeking protection in our country poses major challenges for cities, communities and municipalities. Housing has been in short supply in many places for years. So the task of finding additional housing for refugees can be a tangible problem. We can help you solve it. And provide you with short-term residential containers in which asylum seekers and their families can be housed well and safely.


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66 Container als Containeranlage mit Sanitärcontainer für Notunterkunft im Main-Kinzig-Kreis - 4

Canteen Tents

Our cantina tents are much more than a catering tent, as you may know from events. Because our tents are modern kitchen and inviting restaurant at the same time. We offer you completely and high-quality equipped tents as an ideal temporary solution. This way, you can continue to offer your staff a delicious lunch in a pleasant atmosphere despite the renovation of your canteen.

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Corona Tents

Covid 19 has taught us: If a pandemic situation occurs, a testing infrastructure must be created quickly. Test centers with demarcated check-in and test areas, drive-in solutions for rapid antigen testing and much more are needed. Our tent solution is made for this and has already proven itself as a temporary space solution in the fight against SARS Cov 2.


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Quarantine Tent

Even if the pandemic is over - Corona remains. And we have learned that a virus can bring the healthcare system to its capacity limits in a very short time. Where to put patients when quarantine is indicated but there are no rooms or beds left in clinics? Quarantine tents from MUCH help to overcome these and other challenges.

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Vaccination Tent

The best vaccine is of little use if it cannot be quickly inoculated in times of crisis such as the Corona pandemic. This requires doctors and other staff, but also sufficient space. Where this is not available, vaccination tents from MUCH can help. They can safely vaccinate up to 8,000 patients per day.


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